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Sport Fishing Magazine is the leading saltwater fishing site for boat reviews, fishing gear, saltwater fishing tips, photos, videos, and so much more.


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Marlin and Tuna Need Federal Protection from Commercial Longliners

Apr 27 01:55, 2018

News Bluefin tuna and marlin stocks have been overfished primarily by longline fishing. Now the government is considering allowing an increase in longline fishing. Why are federal fishery managers considering increasing longline fishing efforts that would further decimate overfished marlin...

Furuno DRS4DL+ Radome

Apr 23 20:38, 2018

Electronics 4 kW dome radar now has Fast Target Tracking and ARPA capabilities. Furuno upgraded its DRS4DL radome to a + model that comes with Fast Target Tracking and ARPA capabilities....

Strange Fishes from the Deep — Snake Mackerels and More

Apr 22 19:28, 2018

Travel Sport Fishing readers try to stump the Fish Facts experts with strange catches. Sport Fishing readers try to stump the Fish Facts experts with strange catches....

Do Fishermen Need Fish?

Apr 20 17:19, 2018

News Why do YOU go fishing? Will anglers pursue their sport just to socialize or do they need to catch fish?...

Mako! Supershark of the World's Oceans

Apr 19 20:17, 2018

Travel What makes the mako the open ocean's most fearsome and efficient predator Few sharks can compete with the mako as predators; they're fearless, intelligent, lightning-fast and agile — and one of the world's greatest game fish....

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