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Quepos Fishing Packages crew lives and work here and have access to the best boats that meet our high criteria and are most importantly Catching Fish. Come and enjoy your fishing trip in Quepos today!


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Double Digits for Quepos Fishing Reports

Apr 07 08:01, 2015

Quepos Fishing Reports We here at Quepos Fishing Packages are excited for you to experience here in Quepos Costa Rica  the great Quepos Fishing Reports. With Quepos being the center of the Sportfishing Industry here the fishing reports always yield significant numbers of Pacific Sailfish, Marlin, Wa...

Fishing in the Collegian Theatre

Jan 20 23:27, 2015

As a chubby grade school kid I often went to the Collegian Theatre where I was enthralled by cowboys corralling dusty stampedes and gunning down grungy bad guys in the heat of a cow town day. Hunkered down in an overstuffed seat, my imagination throbbed as the silver screen transported me around the...

Quepos Fishing and Trip Advisor

Oct 23 21:48, 2014

Sport Fishing in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area is truly an amazing experience for avid anglers and Novices alike. The majority of tourists to this area are families seeking an amazing vacation experience with a country that has 2 oceans, 7 climate zones and beautiful beaches and of course the t...

Honeymoons in Costa Rica

Oct 04 23:57, 2014

Costa Rica with its two oceans, and 7 climate zones makes it a fantastic choice when choosing a honeymoon destination.  Whether you choose to tie the knot here utilizing the magnificent backdrops of volcanos, rainforest or the glorious beaches or experiencing it for your honeymoon vacation you can’t...

Fishing the Moon Phases

Jul 25 20:04, 2014

Fishing the moon phases in Costa Rica is always an interesting conversation. I have clients that will only fish the New Moon when booking their Quepos Fishing Package and never on the Full Moon. The reason behind this is the light of the Full Moon draws the bait fish to the surface waters which ofRe...

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