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Rapala Japan 2cm Jigging Rap

Apr 13 01:03, 2021

When I visited the Japanese tackle stores in 2018, one thing I did not expect to see in the saltwater light game aisle was ice jigs. But there they were, the cute little 2cm 4g Rapala Jigging Raps. Of course I had to buy one. This 4g Jigging Rap is in a Japan Special Colour […]...

Jack Nakamura Worm Oislock

Apr 11 23:50, 2021

One of the coolest soft plastic lures in my collection – the Jack Nakamura Worm Oislock. This bright red creaturebait comes from a JDM lure manufacturer that I discovered in a trip to Osaka, Japan....

Tip for Rigging Knight Worm

Apr 08 16:53, 2021

A quick tip for rigging the HTO Knight Worm and other small soft-plastic lures. When targeting fish species with small mouths, generally speaking you’ll achieve the best hook-up rate if you position the hook-point somewhere near the middle of the lure – because fish attack either end of the lure (un...

Marukyu Isome Rig

Apr 07 18:45, 2021

No doubt you will have come across previous debates about whether Marukyu Isome is a lure or an artificial bait, and the reality is it doesn’t matter which. But certainly opinions differ from country to country. This Marukyu Isome Rig was released in Australia and I think, mainland Europe, but I don...

Cultiva Mebaru Shot JH-82

Apr 06 14:18, 2021

The Cultiva Mebaru Shot JH-82 is a great jig head for LRF and nano-style fishing. Features a great, Japanese quality hook and is available in three weights; 0.9g, 1.8g & 3.5g. The 0.9g head seen here is a size 12. It has quite a short hook shank. Especially suits tiny creature baits....

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