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Nano Metals

Mar 03 04:47, 2018

One of the many highlights and discoveries in Japan was finding a growing choice of what can only be described as 'nano metals'. Those weighing under 3.5 grams. Lots of Japanese lure brands had extended the lightest end of their metal jig ranges, with lots of new models released or on the way. 1 gra...

Lightest Spinning Reel

Feb 15 19:35, 2018

With the current Japanese trend for hyper-light, 5 to 6ft light game fishing rods weighing in at under 60 grams, I couldn't help but explore the options for a matching reel and try to answer the question, "what is the lightest spinning reel?" Here's my findings from the 2018 catalogues: Rank Make Mo...

Mebaru Game

Feb 15 01:04, 2018

With evening descending upon us and darkness setting in, it was time to activate 'Plan Mebaru'. Excitement within the car found another 10% as we scrabbled around, trying to prepare our hastily purchased head-torches. Mother Nature wasn't going to make it easy for us though. I got the feeling that t...

Light Rockfishing Japan

Feb 14 01:06, 2018

Without doubt, the highlight of our recent trip to Osaka, Japan was going fishing with my friend Masa and his pal Shigehiro. Despite the week's excitement of the Osaka Fishing Show, both George and myself were really buzzing to try Light Game in the motherland, Japan. Masa had arranged a packed itin...

Perch Fishing Picking Up on K&A

Nov 01 22:44, 2017

With the first proper frost the water clarity is already much better on the canal, mainly down to less boat traffic. The last couple of trips to the K&A have seen good numbers of fish, big and small. Improved clarity has also allowed me to use a wider range of lures, both smaller models (like(.....

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