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Light Rock Fishing

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May’s Fish Beauty Pageant

May 18 20:03, 2022

Like the United Colours of Benetton. Every one a stunner....

Furthest East Giant Goby

May 12 00:14, 2022

This is the furthest East Giant Goby I’ve ever stumbled into. From Devon and a beauty at 19cm. King of the rockpool. My rockpool fishing setup is pretty basic as gear invariably ends up against rocks and barnacles. A short rod really helps with getting the angles right when you pitch the lure in. So...

LRF at Devil’s Point

May 10 20:35, 2022

Having grown up reading about the specimen fish catches from the notorious Devil’s Point in Plymouth, I always fancied fishing there. Sadly that didn’t happen until now. It was one of those ‘perfect’ LRF days with lots of wind and rain to keep the loons away. Only their copious amounts of discarded ...

Shimano Stella 2500 FD

Apr 20 21:06, 2022

I was using my oldest Shimano Stella at the weekend for wrasse fishing and it was as trouble free as ever. My 2007 Stella 2500 FD has seen a lot of lure fishing, from catching tiny Perch on the canal to taming large specimens from the boat, and even conquering the odd speed-demon abroad. It’s […]...

It’s Started!

Apr 18 04:30, 2022

First one of 2022. A nice, early, prespawn fish that took a liking to a shrimp pattern soft plastic lure, fished on the reliable Free Rig....

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