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Baillons Wrasse at Swanage Pier

Aug 26 22:16, 2018

It's taken me a while to catch a Baillon's Wrasse at Swanage Pier, but on Friday I did it in style, catching a beautiful little Baillons on an AquaWave Mushi creature....

Ecogear Jukusei Aqua

Aug 13 21:06, 2018

Second discovery of the day and right alongside the Power Isome Soft in my Japan bundle, was this brand new Ecogear Jukusei Aqua. "A new Ecogear Aqua?", I hear you say. Yes! So what does 'Jukusei' mean? It translates to something like matured or aged. So genuinely we have a new flavour of Ecogear Aq...

Marukyu Power Isome Soft

Aug 13 20:42, 2018

I was just going through some LRF tackle and I came across a packet of Marukyu Power Isome Soft. I picked them up on my last trip to Japan, in February. The 'Soft' Isome isn't shown as a new product in the 2018 Marukyu catalogue so it looks like it's been a JDM product for(...)...

500th Post!

Aug 08 19:48, 2018

Amazingly, this is the 500th post on the Light Rockfishing Blog! When I set this website up in 2011 I knew LRF was going to be an interesting ride, but had no idea just how much lure fishing would take over my angling (okay, my life). From LRF to wrasse, boat, bass and freshwater I'm(...)...

Rock Goby on Jig Head

Aug 07 17:18, 2018

Must admit, quite enjoy catching gobies by Jighead method. Not easy, so rewarding once you get the action right. Lure here is the Ecogear Aqua Shirasu....

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