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Inshore Lure Fishing Picking Up On South Coast

May 24 16:29, 2018

Glad to report that the inshore fishing has picked up on the South Coast with the usual suspects now falling to a range of light lure techniques. Metals are starting to work more consistently with multiple species possible, especially if jigged relatively slowly, near the bottom. I found my first Ma...

Giant Goby from Amvrakikos Gulf

May 16 01:47, 2018

We hired a car to explore the Amvrakikos Gulf, a huge inland sea situated north of Lefkas, on the mainland. It wasn't a fishing trip but a quick go at deserted jetty yielded quite a few Giant Goby....

Light Rock Fishing in Lefkas

May 14 23:58, 2018

Wow, what an awesome time we had on holiday in Lefkas, Greece. I fished mainly around the resort of Nydri on the east coast, fishing in the mornings and evenings when I had an hour or so each time. The fishing was excellent, managing 20 different species, all on soft-plastic or metal lures. I think(...

Nano Metals Lure Box

Mar 29 22:21, 2018

Recycled an old, yellow, Deps version of the Meiho 318DD box. One side is perfect for standard-sized packets of bits. 00-sized split rings, micro assist hooks and the like. While the other side stores a good number of nano metals - metals below 5g in weight. I cut some thin foam strips to the size(....

Nano Metals

Mar 03 04:47, 2018

One of the many highlights and discoveries in Japan was finding a growing choice of what can only be described as 'nano metals'. Those weighing under 3.5 grams. Lots of Japanese lure brands had extended the lightest end of their metal jig ranges, with lots of new models released or on the way. 1 gra...

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