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Perch Fishing Picking Up on K&A

Nov 01 22:44, 2017

With the first proper frost the water clarity is already much better on the canal, mainly down to less boat traffic. The last couple of trips to the K&A have seen good numbers of fish, big and small. Improved clarity has also allowed me to use a wider range of lures, both smaller models (like(.....

Ruffe on Aquawave Shad 1.3

Oct 15 20:09, 2017

Nice little Ruffe from the K&A, caught on the tiny Aquawave Shad 1.3 mounted on a size 10 Maikuro jighead....

Perch Session with Hart Curly

Oct 13 21:25, 2017

With a mild autumn there's still lots of boat activity on the canal leading to poor water clarity. I've done well with dark coloured creature baits, including a great little session on the Hart Curly, seen here....

LRF Cuckoo Wrasse

Sep 01 00:26, 2017

We had a dozen or so Cuckoo Wrasse from the boat last weekend. Both male and female fish. Their bizarre colour-schemes make them a super interesting catch. A great LRF target. Particularly aggressive....

My First Baillons Wrasse

Aug 29 23:40, 2017

My first Baillon’s Wrasse by any method. And what a stunning little fellow he is close-up....

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