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Skishing the NJ coast.


Latest updates from SkishNJ

Bucket List

Dec 18 08:43, 2012

A Bucket List is something that almost every fisherman have. On the top of mine as with many is surf fishing for roosters in Cabo. When I do finally mae it a reality, definattly gonna hook up with Wesley Brough. the guy caches some monsters and is a real good fisherman. check out his facebook [...]...

Sandy :an NJ perspective, and how you can help

Nov 11 12:01, 2012

Been a little time now, since the storm came through, and I figured it would be a good time to reflect a little. The week leading up to the storm no one was really too concerned, some pretty good fishing going on, and that real NJ fall run feeling was kicking in. By Friday Everything [...]...

Century Rods & The Perfect Skishing Rod

Sep 26 07:13, 2012

As a former commercial custom rod builder, rod’s are one of those things that really interest me. In recent the companies have all really stepped, it up and made some awesome blanks. Powerful, light and high performance stuff Lamiglas had the Super Surfs, Arra’s and AKS series. (all but arra discont...

Come Skish With Me

Sep 02 00:20, 2012

Well, It september, and my last day In my Town for a while. College starts tomorrow.(luckily I’ll be closer to the water). And all that means one thing, Fall is right around the corner. Not to say my summer wasnt good. Actually it was pretty awesome, I spent about 6 weeks out in Montauk, and [...]...


Aug 31 05:48, 2012

I’m ordering some stickers, but i wanna order what you guys would like. all of them would be ovals, and likely 5”x3”. what do you think… (click on the picture to see all 3 at once and enlarged)...

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