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DUO 50,000 Contest

Feb 04 22:43, 2014

DUO have recently reached 50,000 fans on Facebook, and as a reward, they are running a contest. DUO are asking their fans, what lure would they like to se in the DUO range, what do you feel is missing?You can see the Facebook link HERE Simply click on the 50,000 pic and comment to leave your answer....

DUO Contest #13

Oct 18 03:14, 2013

It has been a while since DUO last held a contest. With Summer now a distant memory, DUO have had a busy time, traveling the world, enjoying some top notch fishing and attending the various fishing trade shows and events. This contest will kick start things again, with several more to follow over th...

Major Craft Shore Jigging

Aug 23 13:43, 2013

Spring low tide and crystal clear conditions have never been very productive at the particular mark I was fishing during the week. I had a theory that the fish were holding out in the deeper waters, around some kelp beds, out of the range of usual lure tactics. Seemed a good opportunity to test out ...

Top Water Bass Action

Aug 15 03:20, 2013

Conditions looked promising for an after work session on a local reef. High tide meant some special tactics were gonna be needed to access the sweet spots due to the high spring tide. This is where the wetsuit, dry bag and of course the Van Staal VSB 150 reel. The kit more specifically is a 3/2mm zi...

West Cornwall Session

Aug 08 03:29, 2013

Squeezed in a half morning session down on my visit to West Cornwall this week. Headed out to the usual deep water rocky coves, for a long overdue chuck of some lures. Fishing with the Major Craft KG Evolution Hirasuzuki Series KGS-1102HIRA 11’ of casting machine with a rating of 10-45g. Paired up w...

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