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No Bite Alarms!

Lure fishing blog from Matt Newcombe


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Coming Along Nicely…

Feb 07 19:42, 2013

Following on from my last post, here are a couple of the lures I’ve made with a fresh coat of paint. It’s all trial and error at this point, but with every mistake I learn and improve. This week I acquired an airbrush and compressor, as well as a good few paints from Createx. I can [...]...

Quietly Busy…

Jan 28 20:14, 2013

Yep, I know I’ve been quiet for the last week. Work has gone off the scale busy and my few hours a day of personal time has been split between the Wife and tinkering around with making some wooden lures. It’s a slow process and my work needs a lot of refining, but I’m absolutely [...]...

We Went Fishing (a short story)

Jan 17 19:54, 2013

My friends caught these… I mostly did this… The end! A fruitless day for me I’m afraid to say. I’m pretty sure Matt Jones has been creeping into my house in the dead of the night to syphon off my Angling Mojo!! Grrrr. On the plus side, I got a chance to have a few [...]...

Midweek Blues Buster Vol.3

Jan 10 16:50, 2013

Well it’s that time of the week again. The work hours are clocking up and it seems like the minutes to the weekend are slowing. This week’s video, although short, shows a rig (Neko rig) that is massively overlooked here in the UK. It is basically a wacky rigging variation, but with added weight in [...

Dear Pike. I Love You.

Jan 07 18:14, 2013

As with last winter, I have found myself getting down and dirty on the Lakes and Canals of Devon and Cornwall in the search of Pike and Perch. So far the Perch are throwing me a curve ball, but the Pike are always more than obliging when you pass a lure in front of them. [...]...

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