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Oregon Fly Fishing Blog

The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing Blog | McKenzie River fly fishing, Oregon fly fishing reports and fly tying videos.


Latest updates from Oregon Fly Fishing Blog

Tips for Tying Jigged Nymphs Part. 2

Dec 20 23:44, 2018

Here is part two in our video serious on Jigged Nymphs. The additional videos discuss tools and materials related to tying successful jig style fly patterns. Enjoy!...

Tips for Tying Jigged Nymphs Part. 1

Dec 19 23:30, 2018

Jay has been diving deep into tying “Jig Style” nymphs. In this video he gives some basic tips to help you tie them. More tips to come in following posts....

Jigged Green Caddis Fly Tying Video

Dec 19 00:04, 2018

In this video, Greg ties a very simple yet effective Jigged Green Caddis fly, which could be used in freshwater fisheries throughout the world. Any trout fisherman should have a selection of caddis nymphs available in their fly box. He … Continue reading →...

Rust Belt Arcana

Dec 15 01:07, 2018

Hey folks, Oregon Fly Fishing Blog’s Matt Stansberry has a new book out, Rust Belt Arcana about wildlife of the industrial Upper Midwest. The book just topped The Nature Conservancy’s list of favorite books of 2018. Stansberry brings a curiosity … Continue reading →...

Oregon Wildlands Act Needs Your Help

Dec 14 02:48, 2018

As you’re reading this, we’re closing in on the end of the 2018 lame duck session of the US Congress. The lame duck session of Congress is that period following an election, but before newly elected legislators assume their roles … Continue reading →...

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