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Oregon Fly Fishing Blog

The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing Blog | McKenzie River fly fishing, Oregon fly fishing reports and fly tying videos.


Latest updates from Oregon Fly Fishing Blog

New Hollow Fly Tool – Nicholas’ Review and test run

Jul 10 18:46, 2018

I guess I’s say it is a blessing and a curse (just a little curse) that there are so many new fly tying products entering the market these days. I watched a very good Ted Talk recently that noted something … Continue reading →...

Spend a week on the Babine River this fall for just $100!

Jul 07 19:04, 2018

BABINE FOR A BENJAMIN Spend a week on the Babine River this fall for just $100! The one and only Babine Steelhead Lodge has generously donated a week of steelhead fishing on the Babine River for 1 angler to support … Continue reading →...

Making sense of Integrated Shooting Head Fly Lines

Jul 06 18:54, 2018

I probably fish a wider variety of fly lines than the average fly fisher—in fact—some of my friends call me a fly line freak. The range of high quality fly lines available these days is STAGGERING. As an industry associate … Continue reading →...

Jay’s Bull Trout Jig Crawdad Fly tying Video

Jul 03 18:41, 2018

In this video, Jay ties a Bull Trout Jig fly in a Crawdad color variation. This is a great fly to use with a trout spey setup, swinging near a fallen log or boulder garden. Jay’s Bull Trout Jig Crawdad … Continue reading →...

Protect the Yellowstone River Permenantly

Jul 02 18:40, 2018

Check out this beautiful film from SAGE Fly Fishing....

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