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Oregon Fly Fishing Blog

The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing Blog | McKenzie River fly fishing, Oregon fly fishing reports and fly tying videos.


Latest updates from Oregon Fly Fishing Blog

Fall Guide Special continues through November 2020

Oct 19 19:51, 2020

The lower Mckenzie and Willamette Rivers including the upper Middle Fork near Oakridge continue to fish well. Beautiful Fall weather looks like it’s here to stay for a while longer. We are seeing more mayflies and more October Caddis each … Continue reading →...

Why you Should Tie Your Own Flies

Oct 16 18:22, 2020

Jay Nicholas’ Rationale for Tying your own flies. Although l began writing this blog thinking about people who are trying to decide whether or not they should learn how to tie flies, I soon started thinking that many of us … Continue reading →...

Gob of Worms/Squirmy Wormie/Mini Squiggle Worm – Jay Nicholas

Oct 15 08:00, 2020

In this video, Jay discusses different materials and new hooks for tying a variety of worm patterns. San Juan worms have changed from your typical chenille materials to modern “squimy” materials that have lots of movement and catch a surprising … Continue reading →...

Catch Magazine – “The Mckenzie Fire”

Oct 13 19:00, 2020

“Our power went out at about 9pm, but that’s common here… it was no big deal,” recalled Bill Schaefers of the September 7, 2020 evening at his home on Oregon’s upper McKenzie River. “I should’ve listened to my daughter,” he … Continue reading →...

Muskies in the North Country

Oct 10 18:49, 2020

Hey everybody, hope you’re all well. Matt here checking in. It’s been a while, but you’ve all been in my thoughts these past weeks. Thinking about the lives disrupted, the river valleys burned, all the loss and I’m so sorry … Continue reading →...

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