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Saltwater Fishing - FL

This website is for all aspects of saltwater fishing in the state of Florida. It covers surf, inshore, and deep sea fishing as well as discussing fishing news in Florida, tournament listings, tide reports and even recipes.


Latest updates from Saltwater Fishing - FL

Recreational Black Sea Bass Fishing Closed

Sep 07 21:20, 2012

NOAA Fisheries Services and the FWC has determined that recreational black sea bass season is closed due to reaching the annual catch limit of 409,000 pounds.  This black sea bass closure extends from roughly Cape Hatteras Light in North Carolina down to Key West, Florida.  This closer began on Sept...

Florida Spiny Lobster Season

Sep 03 21:18, 2012

The Florida Spiny Lobster Season is upon us and the Keys are packed with divers looking to get their hands on the tasty critters! The method for catching the the spiny lobster are deceptively simple.  Really any coral or rock can make for an excellent spot for them to hide.  Most divers just drift b...

License Free Saltwater Fishing Day

Aug 30 22:36, 2012

Looking to get outside this Labor Day weekend?  Head out to the beaches of Florida this Saturday for the last license free saltwater fishing day of the year! Four times a year the Florida Wildlife Commission offers a day of license free saltwater fishing for the public to take advantage of.  What be...

Red Snapper Fishing Opens for 2 Weekends

Aug 28 22:53, 2012

Red Snapper fishing will be open for two weekend in the month of September.  The weekends of the 14-16th and the weekend of the 21-23rd. Anglers will be allowed to keep one red snapper per day with no limit.  Commercial captains will be allowed 7 fish per day with a weight limit of 50lbs gutted [......

Greek Prepared Lionfish

Aug 23 19:45, 2012

In continuing along the Lionfish theme this week, some of you may be wondering how you can prepare your catch.  To tell you the truth there’s a number of different ways to prepare them as they are a flaky and very light white fish.  One of the best ways to prepare them is Greek style. [...]...

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