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Maverick Offshore Saltwater Fishing Tackle

Bluefin Tuna Tackle is just that. Tackle and accessories geared towards the pursuit of all saltwater big game species.


Latest updates from Maverick Offshore Saltwater Fishing Tackle

Titanium Gaff Head

Jun 03 17:29, 2022

Titanium Gaff Head in 10 or 12 inch diameterAvailable with a flipper barbPrice: $599.95 ...

Carbon Fiber Gaff Pole

Jun 03 17:21, 2022

78" Carbon Fiber Gaff PolePrice: $499.95 ...

Gaff Rope

Jun 03 16:37, 2022

5/8" x 25' rope will come with a clip or SS shackle to attach it to the gaff headPrice: $69.95 ...

4" Manchita 3 Pack

May 31 23:21, 2022

Our 3 pack of 4 inch Manchitas come Fully Rigged and ready to go!They feature a soft material with weight balanced head that mimics similar to cedar plugsFeatures:4 Inches- 3 PackFully RiggedMimics Soft Cedar PlugPrice: $17.95 ...

6" Soft Cedar Plug - The Stogie

May 31 23:16, 2022

This soft plug, is not entirely soft. The hard head is infused with balance weighted lead and urethane that makes the lure track like a cedar plug but with even greater tail action. The lighter tail mimics a squid hitting the surface. These plugs are proving to be extremely effective for ..Price: $1...

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