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AnglerWise Ultralight Fishing Blog

Welcome to AnglerWise Ultralight Fishing Blog. We have interesting videos, great articles, how-to guides, product reviews, and more all about ultralight fishing. Check it out.


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Top New England Fishing Destinations

Jul 14 09:55, 2018

Half Mile Beach, Maine Well known for its striped bass, Half Mile Beach attracts schools of fish and plenty of fishers particularly in June...[[ follow the link to see the full post ]] ...

How Big of a Fish Can You Catch with Ultralight Gear

May 11 07:31, 2018

Catching the Big One with Ultralight Tackle: Is it Possible? You’re prepping for a great day of fishing and you want to bring home...[[ follow the link to see the full post ]] ...

What to Wear When Fishing

Apr 03 02:50, 2018

Wondering what to wear on your fishing trip? While it may seem like you can wear whatever you want for a day of fishing,...[[ follow the link to see the full post ]] ...

Be Safe When Eating the Fish You Catch

Mar 11 22:45, 2018

There’s no arguing that fish are a healthy addition to your diet. The American Heart Association puts fish at the top of its list...[[ follow the link to see the full post ]] ...

Best Tasting Fish to Catch

Feb 06 09:12, 2018

Casting for Your Supper? Here are the Best-Tasting Fish to Catch There’s something primal and satisfying about wresting supper from the sea with your...[[ follow the link to see the full post ]] ...

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