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AnglerWise Ultralight Fishing Blog

Welcome to AnglerWise Ultralight Fishing Blog. We have interesting videos, great articles, how-to guides, product reviews, and more all about ultralight fishing. Check it out.


Latest updates from AnglerWise Ultralight Fishing Blog

When is a Fishing License Required?

Nov 26 23:02, 2017

Ready to hit the water to catch a stringer of fish? Before you drop a line, you need to know the license requirements. Every...[[ follow the link to see the full post ]] ...

Keeping Your Fish Fresh After Catching Them

Sep 03 09:55, 2017

There’s something primal and satisfying about dropping your line in the water and catching your family’s meal. Dinner doesn’t get any fresher. However, if...[[ follow the link to see the full post ]] ...

Using a Fish Finder in Your Canoe or Kayak

Jul 22 07:52, 2017

Canoes and kayaks are versatile watercraft that work well for fishing. They have the flexibility to travel lakes, rivers, streams and oceans and can...[[ follow the link to see the full post ]] ...

Catfish Fishing Tips

May 13 10:30, 2017

Whether you’re new to fishing or a seasoned angler, reeling in a big catfish is a lot of fun. But hang on noodlers, before...[[ follow the link to see the full post ]] ...

Top 5 Plastic Worms For Ultralight Bass Fishing

Oct 30 11:24, 2016

Catching bass on plastic worms is as old as your grandfather, or great grandfather. These little lures have lifelike movements under the water that can entice bites from even the most neutral or passive mood fish in the water. If you are wanting to catch both high quantities, as well as high...[[ fo...

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