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Freshwater Fishing

Advice on freshwater fishing to help you catch more fish, tips and techniques for becoming a better angler, various methods for cooking your catch, and free fish recipes.


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May 12, My Biggest Catfish Ever - 62 Pound Blue Catfish - Washita River

May 13 02:38, 2021

I live in Oklahoma and have been fishing ever since I could walk. I've fished the Washita River all my life and have heard of big fish coming out of there,...

Apr 17, Fishing Puerto Plata - Mahi Mahi Fishing Tours

Apr 18 09:07, 2020

Big game Fishing Charter Mahi Mahi offers you a great vessel. Trojan open fishing 34 ft, twin yanmar engines 400HP for offshore fishing adventures on...

Apr 17, DAM Quick 5202 Fishing Reel Estimated Worth

Apr 18 08:51, 2020

I bought this fishing reel - D.A.M. 5202 for 10 dollars, and I just want to know how much it's worth...? Thank you in advance....

Apr 17, D.A.M. Quick 45 Fly Reel

Apr 18 08:48, 2020

Recently purchased a D.A.M. Quick 45 fly reel without any history. Can someone give me a little background age, etc.?...

Apr 17, DAM Quick 45 Fly Wheel in original box with owners manual.

Apr 18 08:34, 2020

Just found this at a yard sale. Reel looks like new. Box and owners Manual in fair condition after years of being stored in a tackle box. Just wondering...

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