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Montauk Confidential is for sale!

Jan 02 18:37, 2012

The winter surf brings hope for a bountiful new season. I am pleased to tell you all that my book "Montauk Confidential" is now on sale at This is the place to get a personalized and autographed copy of the thing.The book may also be purchased at all the major Internet boo...

That "Other" Fish

Dec 30 16:45, 2011

What is it about fishing' buddies, that make them so inseparable? Could it be that you've finally found someone who is willing to join you on the wildest expeditions? This guy will egg you on and follow you into the most precarious locations, all in the name of angling. The two of you become like a ...

No title

Oct 19 20:41, 2011

Where is the book? Well guys, I am happy to say that my book "Montauk Confidential" is on sale now at Amazon, Barns and Noble, and many other sites where ever literature is sold. For those of you who would like to get an autographed and personalized version, you can get it by ckicking on the link on...


Aug 05 16:19, 2011

Melnyk has heard that there is a new striped bass world record this morning! An 81.6 pound slob was taken in Connecticut waters this morning on a live eel. This fish was believed to have been taken on the Southwest reef by a fellow named Al Stromski. The fish was weighed in at Shoreline Bait and Tac...

Things are starting to improve...

Jun 12 21:13, 2011

OK, things are getting interesting out here in M. J.B. took a 40+ last night in the rocks. I am very confident for the full moon. I don't care what they say... I won't stay in a world without... Bass....span>...

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