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Illinois Wisconsin fishing

Follow the journey of 2 anglers from northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.


Latest updates from Illinois Wisconsin fishing

what is in the bait bucket

May 13 13:34, 2014

So our first run at minnow trapping wasn't the huge success I was hoping for. Me and the kiddos went to a local still water spot and tried soaking the trap for a few hours in one of the channels of the lake. We baited the inside with dog food from the house and made my safety line out of dacron fly ...

shimano bantam coriolis co-200b

May 05 15:00, 2014

I have a serious sickness, it really came on full force this winter when fishing was at its slowest, but it has continued on into the spring. I can't seem to help myself but I've been buying up all the vintage fishing gear I see. Some I like well enough to add to my personal collection, and some I p...

on the hunt for bluegills

Apr 25 03:43, 2014

My daughter and I have a plan to chase some serious panfish this year. Over the winter she has become super interested in all the flies that I've been making and has injected herself into the process. The connection of making the bugs and then feeding them to the fish is only natural, right?5 years ...

hare'e stonefly nymph

Apr 23 14:30, 2014

Hook - Tiemco 5263 size 10Bead - 1/8 inchWeight - 10 wraps lead wireThread - tanAntennae - goose biotsBody - Hare'e wiggle dub (golden brown)Hackle - india hen back soft hackleIn The Riffle Instruction Video...

a driftless trout fishing blog post

Apr 21 12:30, 2014

A trip to the Wisconsin driftless area for some trout fishing can really revitalize a persons spirit. Despite the scattered and persistent storms last weekend the trout fishing refused to disappoint. I was able to visit a few streams from the past as well as some new water to bookmark for returns. S...

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