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The Intrepid Piscator

An amusing and informative account of the adventures of an all year, all round UK angler.


Latest updates from The Intrepid Piscator

"Just one more"

Jun 26 20:56, 2017

I know a place not far away, where I can have this solitude. I can wander the fields, unhindered, locate barbel easily and catch a few of them with a certain amount of ease.There's something within me though, something that stops me taking this easy option.It's been said by far better anglers than m...

I'm Back

Jun 22 19:37, 2017

The clanging of agricultural gates and rutted roadways. The dodging of the cow pat and nervously passing my bovine companions. Pigeons arguing among the branches and grass snakes basking in the evening sun. That familiar stroll along the willow'd bank of the first field, where the river runs deep an...

Thoughts...and grayling.

Dec 21 22:52, 2016

To be roused by Lady Sarah with the words, "What time were you supposed to be up?" is never ideal. "5.45", my reply...."It's 6.15", she began the day.Hurriedly, the car was loaded. The journey to my rendezvous point, rapid. I'd overlooked the loose top to the maggot tub so arrived with the ...

Another Old Friend - Redmire 2016

Jul 29 02:10, 2016

There are those that think the pool is finished, a muddy, weedless shadow of her former self. It's easy to be dismissive, negative......wrong!I'd already heard that the pool was perfect this year. Well, perfect to me anyway.Weedless and Muddy?Not for me, this year, the cane rod and pin approach. You...

Old Friends

Feb 04 22:26, 2016

The sounds of the city,Sifting through trees,Settle like dustOn the shouldersOf the old friendsTake a look at these two 'erberts. That's me on the right, and my old buddy 'Birdy' catching carp that would go on to be 40+.....just like us!  We met at work, getting on for 30 years ago.  Soon discoverin...

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