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Skishing New England

Skishing New England is dedicated to the skishing articles, stories and photos of the hardcore and extreme surfcasters & skishers of New England.


Latest updates from Skishing New England

September 15, 2011

Sep 15 17:46, 2011

Hope all are well and enjoying the start of the fall striped bass season!  I got skunked last weekend at the canal, but fishing has been good in other areas.  Albies are reported to be in thick down along the Rhodie coast right now.  Gonna see if I can get one skishing this weekend!...


Sep 01 20:46, 2011

The last couple weeks of August saw fishing pick up a bit.  Had an off & on pick of fish in the Newport/Middletown, RI area.  Mostly small fish, but they had stripes so that made me happy.  Hurricane Irene came and went and stirred things up a bit last weekend.  I'll be out hunting again tonight...

Mid-summer update

Jul 25 17:24, 2011

Spring came and went, and we now find ourselves in a bit of a summer doldrum as far as the fishing goes.  Spring fishing for me pretty much sucked for me this year.  In spite of 60+ hour weeks at work, I spent many hours  in the surf with very few fish to show for it and nothing of any size.  I've p...

It had a good run...

Jun 02 13:38, 2011

Well my old truck finally bit the dust and has been replaced by it's younger brother.  It's already full of sand and wetsuit stink.  ;)Fished with John last night.  The seas were quite rough due to heavy storms in the area and had stirred up a lot of weed in the water.  Neither of us had a single h...

Ughh... Fog & dropped fish :(

May 28 14:53, 2011

Fished last night/this morning from midnight until around 6:30am. Super dense fog. Was planning to skish, but I forgot my compass at home so decided to just walk out to one of my usual rocks on the edge of the deep water about 200 yards offshore. Fog was so thick I couldn't see the end of my rod and...

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