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Kayak Fishing Magazine

Kayak Fishing Magazine is an online magazine and international kayak fishing community bringing you kayak fishing stories, fishing kayak reviews, kayak rigs, kayak fishing pictures, videos and more.


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"Just a Taste" of the THE CRYSTAL COAST

Mar 25 11:00, 2017

   Possibilities! Left to right, you can fish the Gulfstream, surfcast the beach, drift the estuary or target salt marsh creeks. I flew in to the Outer Banks region of North Carolina from my home in California. On our half-hour drive from the tiny airport to the Crystal Coast I experienced a bit cul...

Beauty and the Beast

Feb 06 23:11, 2017

 After those mighty California storms and plenty of rain, Nick and I decided to kick off the new year with some good ol’ sturgeon fishing. We prepared all day Saturday and went out on Sunday 1/15 for our first fishing trip of the year. This wasn’t my first time targeting sturgeon, and I knew I was l...

Kayak Crabbing

Jan 04 11:00, 2017

Ocean conditions in Northern California can get nasty in the winter. So far in 2016, we’ve had a series of large swells and a few low-pressure situations that have made kayak fishing hazardous at best. With the more severe nearshore conditions, most of our prey species move offshore as well.What’s a...

How To Stay Ready!

Dec 06 23:57, 2016

In a section of the US best know for its Blues Men, Chris Ritchie From Aurora Missouri is a "Bass Man."  Just like the Bluesmen of old, Chris has learned the importance of always, always being ready. Here's he gives us a breakdown while sharing some of the awesome natural beauty of southwest Missour...


Jul 10 01:24, 2016

  Old Town® Introduces Pedal-driven Predator PDL™ Advanced human-powered fishing watercraft offers unrivaled hands-free boat control and fishability, including forward and reverse Old Town, Maine (July 8, 2014): For over a century, Old Town® Canoes & Kayaks has raised the bar in personal watercr...

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