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Aardvark McLeod

Aardvark McLeod arrange international fly fishing holidays worldwide, providing an exceptional level of service to the discerning fly fisherman. Based on over twenty years combined experience their up to day information and unmatched technical knowledge will take you to the best fly fishing destination around the world.


Latest updates from Aardvark McLeod

St Brandon’s atoll, Mauritius … looking back

Nov 24 15:15, 2015

Ever since we heard the first report about St Brandon’s atoll in Mauritius, I had been itching to go and in the back end of 2014, having met Gordon at Heathrow, we arrived in Mauritius, all geared up and ready to go.The Gryphon, although not in the first bloom of her nautical youth, was a great boat...

Alphonse Island, Seychelles; 7–14 November 2015

Nov 24 02:23, 2015

The start of week 7 brought bad weather to Alphonse, with a tropical depression sitting over the islands on day one. The high winds and intense rain made for challenging fly fishing, however our guests were up to the task and the Alphonse flats delivered with a beautiful moustache trigger being caug...

Alphonse Island Diving Report; 7- 21 November 2015

Nov 24 02:17, 2015

The blustery start to the usually-calm North-West monsoon has not affected the diving on Alphonse at all. In fact, we have had such unbelievable diving one could almost think to credit the unpredictable weather for making our waters so alive with fish activity.Dive site Arcade has been teeming with ...

Alphonse Island news; 31 October-6 November 2015

Nov 24 02:10, 2015

The start of week six brought us some spectacular weather and another full complement of familiar faces and experienced anglers. The tidal cycle looked fishy with large spring tides at the start and a slow neap cycle at the end of the week. Sunday started in true Alphonse fashion with super calm con...

Farquhar atoll, Seychelles; News 21–28 October 2015

Nov 24 02:09, 2015

We welcomed 9 guests from Sweetwater Travel in Montana for the start of our 4th week of the season, including brothers Bill & John, Dan and Dianne, Steve, Scott, Jackson and Pat. Tim Youngkin who was fresh from a weeks fishing on St. Brandon’s just a few days prior to his arrival on Farquhar mak...

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