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Puerto Vallarta fishing report July

Jul 02 03:41, 2019

Puerto Vallarta fishing report July has some hot fishing news.. The fishing here in Puerto Vallarta has continued to go off the charts as we have the 4th of July right around the corner. July is always a good time to be here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico as the water has already warmed up close to 78° a...

Puerto Vallarta fishing report June

Jun 24 06:06, 2019

Puerto Vallarta Mexico fishing in June. Here we are in Puerto Vallarta and  getting ready for summer and Father's Day which just passed a few days ago. There are more exciting events coming up here in Mexico as far as deep sea fishing goes. The water is already warming up 80 deg.  and the fishing is...

Puerto Vallarta fishing May Forecast

Apr 28 04:21, 2019

Puerto Vallarta fishing in May signals a shift in the bait movement, Pacific Ocean waters and the fishing. The starting of May the fishing changes as the waters start warming up and the bait starts moving in. When the water start warming up around 77 to 80 deg.  we start seeing more baitcoming into ...

Puerto Vallarta fishing report 2019

Feb 23 03:51, 2019

Puerto Vallarta fishing charters in February. The fishing charters here in Puerto Vallarta for February have not changed a lot since last January our last fishing report. The fantistic news is we’re seeing more bait like sardines showing up which is drawing in some of the bigger fish like the Marlin...

Puerto Vallarta fishing report

Oct 31 23:14, 2018

Puerto Vallarta fishing report October. The abundance of sailfish ,Marlin and mahi-mahi have kept us busy fishing here in Puerto Vallarta for big game this month. The offshore action right now for October is off the charts and getting better. The most consistent bite and been around the Corbetena we...

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