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Fishing Fury

A blog about an overwhelming passion for the sport of fishing, the great outdoors, crazy adventures etc..


Latest updates from Fishing Fury

J-Trexx Monstrous Creations by Jonathon Taylor

Aug 13 07:27, 2015

I’ve been enjoying these monstrous creations by Jonathon Taylor for some time now, and they just keep getting better and better. The latest zombie fish really caught my attention! Check out more of his incredible artwork on the J-Trexx Facebook page!...

GoFish Camera Kickstarter

Aug 08 06:14, 2015

I’ve always been a fan of underwater fishing footage. I even started making my own housing to put my GoPro in, but this little camera looks like a much better idea at a fraction of the cost of a GoPro. With 275 backers and only 24 days ago, this project is very close to being Continue reading...

Fish Flop Friday – Magic Edition!

Aug 08 05:53, 2015

While the internet is full of wondrous things, most people just use it to look at funny pictures. I can’t say I blame them, who doesn’t like funny pictures? Personally, I’m partial to funny pictures that include fish. Here are a few magical #fishflopfriday shots from Instagram. A photo posted by Wil...

Name That Fish!

Jul 08 03:52, 2015

It’s been a while since we have done played “Name That Fish” so here is a hard one for all you fish experts out there! Tip: This fish is found in Indonesia. The answer is Stargazer! via National Geographic Photograph by Jennifer Jo Stock Indonesia—Off the east coast of Sulawesi, on the bottom of the...

Tidal Vision – Alaska Salmon Leather Wallets

Jul 03 04:04, 2015

If you are looking for a new wallet and care as much about sustainable fisheries as we do, then look no further than these salmon leather wallets from Tidal Vision. Unique, sustainable, high quality, functional, durable and they look great. Yup, that checks-off all the right boxes when looking for a...

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