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Latest updates from Singlebarbed

Loon ERGO Serrated Scissor Review

Aug 18 06:48, 2020

The pandemic has accelerated my conversion from trout fisherman to bass fisherman  due to  the unknowns associated with food, lodging and travel. I’ve shelved all the gossamer and petite gear needed for trout fishing in favor of  Styrofoam, hair,  rubber legs, and hooks capable of severing your Caro...

And One to Rule them All

Jul 31 04:59, 2020

If you tie a lot of bass flies a pandemic is a welcome interlude given how enforced isolation and “work from home” is instrumental in creating the debris field from all those large hooks you stuffed with marabou, rubber legs, lead wire, and spun deer hair. … and, even better, most of the folks shelt...

Fish and GAME Reschedules Emergency Meeting

Apr 13 21:31, 2020

The emergency meeting to discuss potential area closures and restrictions on angling has been postponed until this Wednesday, April 15th, at 10AM. The prior “virtual” meeting was inundated with visitors and participants and swamped the conference capabilities, so it is assumed this new date is more ...

California Fish and Game to Vote on Possible Closure to Opening Day

Apr 08 20:19, 2020

California anglers are advised to check the Department of Fish and Game’s website tomorrow, as DFG and their respective Fisheries Commissions  will be meeting  to determine whether there will be partial or general closure of the upcoming trout season. The issue is straightforward; will the migration...

A Good time to book a guide date or buy a fly rod

Apr 07 05:24, 2020

With small businesses on the ropes, what makes you think your fly shop will survive? Fly fishing is a niche business within the already shrinking group that crave the out-of-doors experience – and are willing to fish for anything. If we use restaurants as a parallel, fast food and fast-casual chains...

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