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A blog about fly fishing, environment and everything inbetween.


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A Big Step for a Wading Angler, Contemplating the Move to an Angling Kayak

Apr 30 03:32, 2022

It's a big price tag and a bigger change in fishing processes to move from wading to an angling kayak. Advice for the adventurous fly fisherman intent on the expenditure .....

I managed to seduce a few of the unwary

Apr 21 23:16, 2022

It’s an excuse to fiddle mostly … the discovery of something new that you’ve never tried  stimulates both optimism and creativity. The normal guardrails that exist when being shown something vanish when it’s a chance encounter; something read, something seen, or something accidentally observed. This...

My war against the 25 pack continues

Apr 15 08:14, 2022

I held my nose while ordering a 25 pack of “balance leech pins”. I needed a sample of the genuine to confirm what these really were – and from which industry they came. Possession of a 25 pack of anything from a tackle store typically requires me to blush profusely and commit the obligatory toe […]...

In Spring a Young Man’s thoughts turn to Cloudy Water

Apr 13 10:29, 2022

Spring is synonymous with the “Great Flush” wherein increased water levels caused by rain and snowmelt sends leaves, branches, empty water bottles, discarded Pandemic masks, and everything not nailed down – into whatever body of water is downstream. I always seem to run into dirty water regardless o...

I consider it a draw

Mar 14 08:03, 2022

The Striped Bass population has been elusive the last couple of years with occasional flurries of fish and much head scratching afterwards. Most of the fish caught have been small, predominantly under the legal limit, and even those are quick to vanish at the slightest opportunity. Given the time of...

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