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Classic Bamboo GETS New life as Chinese imitate Tapers

Nov 11 09:46, 2019

While the Trump administration’s negotiators fence with their counterparts in the Chinese delegation, the issues under discussion may be closer to home than we suspect. Intellectual property and copyright infringement are hot topics as American companies protest copycat products flooding markets and...

Feeding the Peasants

Nov 14 04:41, 2017

As I paused to wipe the mud from my eye, I remembered all those glossy fly fishing spreads depicting the Test and Itchen, their manicured banks, and the stream keepers who trimmed weed beds and mowed pathways to the wading pools – in full tweed. What the magazines failed to show was those same stalw...

Cancel that Alaskan Fishing trip while you can

Oct 26 08:18, 2017

Now there’s more reason to “Go West, Young Man” – given as how Oregon, Colorado, and California are soon to upstage Alaska, New Zealand, and Argentina as the last bastions of pure angling body count … While each has its own unique allure, all are “blue” states, home to free thinkers, liberals, men o...

Flavor being secondary to function

Nov 15 10:02, 2016

Like all weighty discussions between anglers, the notion of what sandwich makes the best accompaniment to fishing is the source of both ire and amusement. Anglers aren’t likely to pay  attention to expiration dates, certainly the talented ones don’t, and given our propensity to wad leftovers between...

Go Deep and Sulk, Whiner

Nov 07 09:19, 2016

I’ve lost all compassion for the fish. Sure, they have a bit of Lactic Acid buildup and a sore lip, but I’m waking up with ailments more painful and more debilitating, while the fish find some hidden refuge to nurse lip and their wounded pride, I have to hobble my way to the coffeepot despite … Cont...

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