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Cheap Fishing Gear

Jan 28 10:33, 2009

If you are a mad keen fisherman (or woman), then you want the best fishing gear available. But, it can be quite pricey if you shop in the wrong stores. Thankfully, there are a few online stores that offer fishing gear at very reasonable prices. In this post, I will tell you just where to find cheap ...

Fishfinders for ice fishing

Dec 15 08:21, 2008

The ice fishing season is in full swing again in the northern part of the hemisphere and I get many questions about choosing a fish finder for ice fishing so I thought it was a good time to address the topic.Which type?There are two types of ice fishing fish finders. One is the traditional flasher a...

Great fishing holidays

Dec 12 17:25, 2008

Currently I am on the road and am using one of those fancy wireless internet usb connections to post this for you.I have been on some great fishing holidays, The one where I caught my first tarpon was probably my favorite. My dream fishing destination is probably Fiji or Tonga but I would also like ...

Bonefish fishing video

Dec 09 17:08, 2008

My last post was dedicated to one of the most sort after sportsfish so I thought I would continue in that vein and post a great little angling video of one of my favorite fish - the bonefish.These great fish are a top angling target because of the fight they offer anglers as well as the great exotic...

Tarpon Facts

Dec 06 16:33, 2008

Tarpon are one of the ultimate fishing targets for many anglers and one I have been lucky enough to tangle with on one occasion. After landing that fish I understood why this great species is so highly prized! The fight is spectacular and aerobatics are the norm as the tarpon tries to throw the hook...

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