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Central Pennsylvania Fishing

A "for fun" blog for the author's fishing trips and photos. Fishing tips, techniques, and hopefully pictures of a fish or two! Fishing for a variety of species such as crappie, bass, trout and many more.


Latest updates from Central Pennsylvania Fishing

Kayak fishing cold water gear

Oct 18 10:05, 2015

I get a lot of messages about my cold water kayak fishing gear so I wanted to breifly throw together a quick blog overview of what I wear. I adhear to the three “W’s” when it comes to layering for cold water fishing. I want to be clear here though. Cold water fishing is a […]The post Kayak fishing c...

September 12 & 13 Susquehanna River Kayak Fishing Class Report

Sep 16 07:01, 2015

If you want to learn more about my Kayak Fishing Classes check out Kayak Fish PA, LLC We had two great days of kayak fishing classes and catching this past weekend. The fish are moving into their fall feeding mode as they prepare for the upcomming winter. Both days we focused on typicall fall fishin...

Late August and early September speed fishing

Sep 09 11:10, 2015

Aggressive presentation have been producing the most smallmouth bass and the biggest over the past couple of weeks on the Suquehanna and Juniata Rivers here in Pensnsylvania. There are two stand out baits. The River Darter Swimbait and the River Darter Soft Jerkbait. These big baitfish immitation ar...

Juan Veruete featured on upcoming Kayak Angler Magazine video series

Jul 07 07:03, 2015

Ben Duchesney, web editor for Kayak Angler Magazine has kicked off a new kayak fishing video series “Hook, Line & Paddle“. One of his first stops for filming was here on the Susquehanna River. I had the great pleasure of spending a day with Ben on the water showing him around this great river an...

Flint River Shoal Bass

Jul 03 06:34, 2015

Day two of our Southern Kayak Fishing Tour started at about 4 a.m. It was difficult convincing my body to leave the comfortable confines of my sleeping bag after ending a 14 hour drive yesterday and only getting a few hours of sleep. Eventually my enthusiasm and excitement for what the day could pos...

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