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Big Hole River Journal

Big Hole River Journal by the guides at Great Divide Outfitters.


Latest updates from Big Hole River Journal

Bad Weather = Great Spring Conditions

May 22 05:22, 2019

The river has been dropping for a week due to our cold weather.  The hatches seem to be at a stand still, waiting for the sun to come back out, including the caddis and BWO’s.  The best fishing has still been underneath, despite the brief window of dry fly action early last week.  We are..... Read M...

Changing conditions

May 14 03:39, 2019

The Big Hole saw its first busy weekend of the season, and with it came some pretty great fishing. We hope you enjoyed it, because conditions are changing quickly out there.                   The Wise River took a big spike late yesterday and it continues to rise, which..... Read MoreThe post Changi...

From suckers to toads: Big Hole is shaping up!

May 03 03:37, 2019

The last time I went up river to fish I caught one sucker, may have snagged it, but I landed it none the less.  The weather was crap, blowing snow and ice up into our hoods.  The river was brown with sticks racing down both banks as the water rose.  The good news about having..... Read MoreThe post ...

Big Hole Suckers

Apr 22 23:39, 2019

Friday was sunny and 60..Saturday was rainy and cold. Spring time in the Big Hole Valley. We wanted to get out, regardless, and check out the upper river. John Fetter came to visit for the weekend, so we said, “screw the weather.”. Well, we didn’t get skunked. Turns out suckers eat worms too! The ri...

Ice Jam and Fishing report update: April 12, 2019

Apr 13 00:44, 2019

The good news is that the ice jams are coming out in a hurry.  We are clear of jams up to from Sportsmans Campground.  There is one more jam upriver near upper sawlog that will be coming out soon I would imagine, so don’t think the floating ice is over yet.  We took a video..... Read MoreThe post Ic...

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