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Big Hole River Journal

Big Hole River Journal by the guides at Great Divide Outfitters.


Latest updates from Big Hole River Journal

July on the Big Hole

Jul 03 05:11, 2019

The heat of the summer is upon us. The big bugs of the spring are dwindling and we are seeing some of the small bug hatches begin in force. The PMD’s have been a staple in the morning for the last week along with caddis, brown drakes, and what’s left of the golden stones in..... Read MoreThe post Ju...

Looking forward to the summer

Jun 23 03:37, 2019

It seems every time I sit down to write a river report we are on the entry or exit of a cold front. But hell, we’ll take it in June. The stoneflies were hatching quite nicely early in the week, and then the weather turned to April. Overnight temperatures never got below freezing, at least..... Read ...

The big bugs are close

Jun 11 05:10, 2019

It seems almost every regional angler is keeping their eyes peeled for the arrival of our big bugs, the salmonfly. I was betting on Sunday the 9th, but the cold weather over the weekend dropped water temperatures and seems to have delayed their arrival. Prior to the cold front, we were finding salmo...

June is here

Jun 02 02:20, 2019

Spring flew by, and June is upon us. The river has been holding between 2,000 cfs and 3,000 cfs (Dickie Bridge) for the past week, and the caddis arrived on Tuesday. Steady flows at this time of the year have helped to spread out floater traffic; we have seen boats from Mudd Ck all the..... Read Mor...

Bad Weather = Great Spring Conditions

May 22 05:22, 2019

The river has been dropping for a week due to our cold weather.  The hatches seem to be at a stand still, waiting for the sun to come back out, including the caddis and BWO’s.  The best fishing has still been underneath, despite the brief window of dry fly action early last week.  We are..... Read M...

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