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Big Hole River Journal

Big Hole River Journal by the guides at Great Divide Outfitters.


Latest updates from Big Hole River Journal

Closing up for the season at end of month

Oct 13 23:31, 2017

Snow has been flying almost daily, and temperatures haven’t reached 50 degrees for a few days. What does that mean for us? Well summer is over, the brown trout are in their spawning season, and we are preparing to close up the 2017 season. The Fly Shop will close for the winter on October 27...... R...

Fall is in full swing, Andros Island is coming soon!

Oct 06 03:51, 2017

The last couple have weeks have brought big changes to the valley and the fishing.  The river has begun a slow climb as the irrigation has shut down and the snow has begun to fall in the higher elevations.  The browns are beginning to do the big dance in the upper river but we still..... Read MoreTh...

Andros Island and Hank’s Place survive yet again!!!

Sep 09 22:11, 2017

Just wanted to update everyone who might have been concerned about Hank and Eva.  The winds were rough but overall the storm caused minor damage to the island.  It looks like Jose is going to miss them to the north but it is still too far out to tell.  Hank is fishing for Mutton Snapper..... Read Mo...

Dog Days of August on the Big Hole and other related adventures

Aug 26 02:13, 2017

The spruce moths have come and gone.  This year was one of the best hatches that I can remember in terms of water and bugs.  With a good spruce moth hatch also comes drought.  The water has been getting warm these last two weeks with a slight cool down in the last couple of days..... Read MoreThe po...

Spruce Moths are on the Big Hole!: Jerry to Deadzone fishing lights out

Aug 02 02:48, 2017

Its amazing out there right now.  The only things that can screw this up is wind and rain, and we don’t have much of that in the near future.  Give us a call, get a guide, and give them hell! Read MoreThe post Spruce Moths are on the Big Hole!: Jerry to Deadzone fishing lights out appeared first on ...

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