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Big Hole River Journal

Big Hole River Journal by the guides at Great Divide Outfitters.


Latest updates from Big Hole River Journal

End of season is nearing

Oct 04 22:24, 2019

We will be closing up for the 2019 season on October 22, 2019. Craig drew an antelope tag in West Dakota, so we are going to take advantage of the pre-big game rifle season and go try our luck with some speed goats. Fall fishing is definitely here. Streamers and nymphs seem to be the..... Read MoreT...

Snow in the hills, Andros on the mind

Sep 20 02:13, 2019

SW Montana received its first mountain top snowfall overnight. The leaves are beginning to change, and Al is watching out for bears eating his prized crabapples. This can only mean one thing..we are getting pretty excited about Andros Island 2020. Our thoughts continue to be with our Bahamanian frie...

The weather is garbage, the streamer fishing is fire

Sep 12 00:02, 2019

This Big Hole has been undergoing its fall changes. The river is starting to bounce back as ditches are being shut down and water is making it back to the river. This time of year is some of our best fishing. As the water moves up into the banks the fish are spreading out, getting..... Read MoreThe ...

Great Hatches in Low Water

Aug 30 21:18, 2019

The Big Hole is still dropping despite the record rainfall in July and near record rainfall in August. The night time temps have been hovering around freezing making for slow morning fishing that doesn’t pick up until about 10:30. The summer stones have been hatching in the Maiden Rock canyon, and t...

Tricos and Ants

Aug 20 02:08, 2019

The trico hatch has been pretty solid for the past week or so. If you are a wade fishermen, don’t disregard the upper river. I waded there a few days ago, and the tricos looked like fog over the river. #20 Black duns, #20 purple haze cripple and #18 Trico spinners have been my favorite...... Read Mo...

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