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Big Hole River Journal

Big Hole River Journal by the guides at Great Divide Outfitters.


Latest updates from Big Hole River Journal

Still in Andros

Mar 13 20:54, 2019

We haven’t been very good about updating everyone on our Andros adventures..mostly because we’ve been having too much fun to sit down at the computer.                   Twenty guests have joined us through our hosted trips, and we have been fortunate to have the company of most of..... Read MoreThe ...

This is why we come to Andros

Feb 03 02:16, 2019

Good friend Mike Skiba invited me along to fish with local Andros guide Hermon Bain. This would be my second trip with Hermon over the last 3 years. Fishing with Hermon reminds me of fishing with Craig. If you’ve fished with Craig, you know what I mean! Hermon knows where the fish live, is incredibl...

Live from Andros!

Jan 28 21:55, 2019

Well, we have been on Andros Island for nearly two weeks. John Fetter was able to join us for about 6 days. He got out with Hermon Bain and hooked into six bonefish on his first day! Snorkeling for lobster and trolling were also on the agenda, but I’m pretty sure the bonefish were the..... Read More...

Injuries, Home Ownership, Hunting Seasons, and Holidays….

Dec 22 00:33, 2018

I have not made a post for quite some time, mostly because I only recently gained the ability in my hand to actually type on a keyboard again.  In early October I injured my wrist, cutting tendons and arteries.  I received emergency surgery the next day in Butte to put it all back together.  The.......

Closed for the season

Oct 27 22:36, 2018

The Fly Shop has officially closed for the 2018 season. And, what a year it was! We were fortunate to have lots of cold water in the rivers of southwest Montana, which kept us out of any restrictions, and kept the fish healthy and hungry. As we look towards the rest of fall and into..... Read MoreTh...

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