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MidCurrent Fly Fishing News

MidCurrent is an independent provider of fly fishing news, literature and advice. The website and the weekly newsletter covers flies, rods, reels, gear, fly lines, destinations, science and history, techniques and strategies.


Latest updates from MidCurrent Fly Fishing News

Tippets: Streamer Techniques for Cold Weather, Perfect Your Casting Grip

Nov 18 16:37, 2018

In this recent instructional video, learn techniques for fishing baitfish patterns in colder weather: for example, imparting a jigging motion to your retrieve. “In this video, Kelly demonstrates how you time your strips to the raising and lowering of the … more →...

Video Hatch: “Swing Season—Ghost of Steelhead Future”

Nov 17 17:59, 2018

This new short film from Sage features Jon Hazlett on the Rogue River in Oregon. It is a story about fish and people, “and the lessons we can learn from the past about the importance of conserving our rivers for …...

Tippets: Interview with Jon Hazlett, Learn to Tie the Zebra Copper John

Nov 17 16:59, 2018

Jon Hazlett guides on Oregon’s Rogue River and sits down for an interview on The Venturing Angler blog that reaches from his favorite fly and funny guiding story to his passions and interests when not on the water. Read more … more →...

Video Hatch: “Live More Now”

Nov 16 17:37, 2018

Maddie Brenneman is a fishing guide based in Colorado, and this film shows how she’s “followed her heart right into the life she’s designed for herself, but not without some trial and error.” Via Buff Headwear....

Tippets: Urban Angling in NYC, Classic Flies for New Tiers

Nov 16 16:37, 2018

Fly fishing’s stereotype as a quiet and contemplative pastime has made urban angling “fishing’s redheaded stepchild,” writes Chris Wright. Read more about “Going Fishing in New York City” and the fun that can be found in urban angling pursuits in … more →...

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