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MidCurrent Fly Fishing News

MidCurrent is an independent provider of fly fishing news, literature and advice. The website and the weekly newsletter covers flies, rods, reels, gear, fly lines, destinations, science and history, techniques and strategies.


Latest updates from MidCurrent Fly Fishing News

Tippets: Fishing the Upstream Dry Fly, Veterans and Fly Fishing

May 14 15:14, 2018

The seventh episode of season two of RIO’s How To series focuses on “How To Fish The Upstream Dry Fly.” RIO ambassador Rob Parkins “explains the advantages of fishing a dry fly upstream, and talks about the correct angles to … more →...

Geo-Intelligent Fly Selection

May 14 14:14, 2018

A new website which shows the flies that are hatching on your local waters based on your location, date and time of day currently covers England, Scotland, Wales, Northern & Southern Ireland. Read more in the press release below. Geo-Intelligent Fly … more →...

Video: How to Tie McKenna’s Rumble Bug

May 13 16:12, 2018

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie McKenna’s Rumble Bug in this week’s featured tying video.  Another pattern that has its roots in competition, this nymph is easy to tie and is just what the doctor ordered when strict imitations aren’t working....

Tippets: 2018 Orvis Breaking Barriers Award Winner, Spey Rigging for Trout

May 13 15:12, 2018

The Orvis Breaking Barriers Award honors individuals “who have gone above and beyond to introduce the sport of fly fishing to a more diverse audience.” The recipient for the 2018 award is Whitney Milhoan, executive director of Casting for Recovery … more →...

Video Hatch: “Fly Fishing New Zealand South”

May 12 16:12, 2018

View great footage of the amazing fly fishing opportunities on New Zealand’s South Island. Via TroutBoyNZ....

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