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About - Saltwater fishing

Howtos, articles and guides for saltwater fishermen brought to you by About guide Ron Brooks.


Latest updates from About - Saltwater fishing

Red Snapper of the Pacific

May 28 19:04, 2014

Pacific red snapper and other members of the Sebastes Family known by Pacific anglers as 'rock cod' are fun to catch and delicious to eat! Snapper of the Pacific originally appeared on

Catch Billfish With Rigged Baits!

May 27 19:32, 2014

Forget about those flashy new jet head jigs for catching marlin and other billfish; try the time honored technique of rigging you own bait to provoke a strike! Catch Billfish With Rigged Baits! originally appeared ...

Enjoy Great Fishing From a Baja Panga!

May 24 18:49, 2014

The Baja panga is a sturdy, dory-like boat made from wood and fiberglass, and has been used successfully in most of the small, rural fish camps located along Baja California's remote Pacific and Cortez coasts for generations.

California's Brazen Barracuda

May 22 18:24, 2014

Pacific barracuda are a pelagic species that is usually found along the coast of southern California and Baja during the months of summer and fall.'s Brazen Barracuda originally appeared on About....

Catch More Fish with Flurocarbon Fishing Line!

May 21 18:01, 2014

Since its first appearance on the market a few decades ago, fluorocarbon fishing line has finally come into its own.  Although fly fishing enthusiasts were quick to realize the potential of this revolutionary new product, it took saltwater anglers a bit longer because of the hesitancy of many party ...

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