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About Fishing Base

Fishing Base is a directory for fishing websites. By utilizing modern technologies and innovative thinking it is intended to give a more pleasant and effective search for fishing websites anf news.

By providing RSS feeds for every tag you can keep up with the latest additions to your favourite subject and discover new fishing websites without being bugged down with non-interesting stuff.

By using modern web technologies (XHTML and CSS) every page becomes lighter and faster than the web pages you are used to. No waiting for your browser interpreting complicated page structures or downloading loads of heavy and unneccesary images.

Browser requirements

The latest version of your browser of choice should work fine.


Fishing Base is programmed with Python. It uses the CherryPy web framework and an Sqlite database. HTML code is built with Cheetah templates and my own module named hbform takes care of form handling. The Skeleton framework is used for frontend code. The ray in the header is taken from a free pack created by SpoonGraphics.

Fishing Base is hosted on a Debian based Virtual Private Server from Rimu Hosting.